Business English Courses in Paris with LetThemTalk

If you are looking for a professional business English course in Paris then we can provide it. At LetThemTalk we concentrate on offering Business English classes with the emphasis on the spoken language we organise our classes to focus on realistic business situations.

Of course we’ll tackle grammar and vocabulary but with the LetThemTalk method you improve these in the context of the conversation.

We Are Flexible

We will adapt our courses precisely to fit your needs so you can study what you want when you want. You'll find the teachers friendly and knowledgeable with experience in teaching business English

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

cours d'anglais des affaires Paris

We’ll come to your office

We are able to offer individual or group classes anywhere within the Paris region.

Skype English

When you are too busy to attend an English class in person LetThemTalk can also give classes by telephone or over the SKYPE voip network.

Contact us

Contact LetThemTalk Paris to discuss your needs we promise competitive prices and excellent results.