English Lessons in Paris with LetThemTalk

You want to improve your English in a relaxed and friendly environment but you don't want learn as you once did at school following a text book and doing lots of (boring exercises)? Well, you've come to the right place.  At LetThemTalk We offer a unique approach to learning English We've been offering quality English lessons in Paris since 2007. Our teachers are experienced native speakers and our innovative method is based on conversation and correction. 

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Speak, Speak, Speak

Do you have a reasonable level in English but you have difficulty expressing yourself clearly and precisely during an English conversation? Our English conversation workshops are focused on improving your spoken English. 

Just One Second!

It's not just chatting in English. Our English conversation workshops are guided conversation aimed at helping you reach fluency in spoken English. You'll improve your level of grammar and vocabulary too. .

What LetThemTalk is all about.

We believe that learning English (in fact all learning) should be interesting and not a painful necessity like going to the dentist. That's not all Although our method is enjoyable, it's effective too. If you start taking regular lessons at LetThemTalk you will improve fast with The LetThemTalk method

You may be wondering...…

…What we discuss. We find conversation topics that interest you: During the conversation we find new vocabulary and expressions that you can use in the discussion.

Love the grammar! 

We also correct the grammar mistakes, explain the grammar and offer a new point of grammar to help your expression reach the next level. Even grammar can interesting if it's taught in an innovative and creative way.

Small Groups

VHave you ever been in a classroom with 10, 15, 20 other students? These classes tend to be teacher dominated with lots of written exercises. You don't learn much do you? At LetThemTalk our classes are small. 90% of the time between 3 and 7 people with an average of 5 participants. That way everybody gets the chance to speak. And it also leads to a more interesting discussion.

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No Written Exercises

You heard that correctly, no books, no handouts, no written exercises and....

100% in English

There is no French in the class we follow a direct method. Our lessons are exclusively in English. It's simply the best way to learn.

The Best Teachers

Good teachers Know how to motivate students. Good teachers know the content and know how to explain it All our teachers are experienced native speakers with at least two years. We are a small school with a small dedicated team with the savoir-faire to guide you to success. Currently, our teachers are from the UK, the US and Malta.

But there's more…

People in Paris lead busy lives. Sometimes it's difficult to commit to being at a lesson Every Tuesday or Thursday evening or whenever it is. That's why LetThemTalk has developed it's à la carte reservation system.


we are not robotsA flexible system to suit your lifestyle

It's simple

At LetThemTalk you purchase credits for our classes. And with this credit you can come to the lessons when you want and as often as you want. You can reserve up to an hour before the lesson and you can cancel up to two hours before the class without losing the credit. So perhaps one week you are two busy to come or not in Paris but the following week you are free and you come 3 times. At other language schools if you can't attend a lesson the lesson is lost. At LetThemTalk you only pay for the lessons you attend.


No emails, no phone calls. We have an online reservation system where you can reserve your lesson quickly. It takes less than a minute.

Start learning today!

Unlike other schools you can start taking our English lessons as soon as today. We have classes every day during the day, the evening and on Saturday. Reserve your first workshop on our reservation page. After you reserve you will receive a confirmation of your reservation for your first English lesson within 24 hours Now

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Head over to our reservation form to sign up for your first workshop

Another thing you'll like…

…Our Affordable prices. With small groups, flexible timetables, experience native English teachers and a school in the centre of Paris. You would expect our prices to high.

They're not!

we believe we can compete on quality with any language school and at the same time our prices are very competitive. Check out our prices page here . See our prices here. 

Great Prices

For more information on the business English conversation workshop click here.

Click here For more information about our Our English conversation workshops.

cours-anglais-professionnelBusiness English Conversation Workshop

We have two type of English conversation workshops available. Most of the lessons are focused on general English but on Monday evening we have a lesson where we discuss business topics in English. So if you are interesting in discussing the latest business developments in the world then join our business class. Click here here for more information about our Business English conversation workshop.


Our English classes are for adults from 18 years old upwards. Beyond that there is no profile for the students at LetThemTalk. The age group is from 18 to 85. We have students, office workers, businessmen and women and retired people taking our lessons. If you want to learn and you have something interesting to say then you are welcome!

What's your level

tBecause our method is based on conversation our group lessons are not adapted to complete beginners. However, even if you have a low level you can still join our low level class. If you're not sure of your level then take our level test.

More Information

For more information on our English conversation workshops click here.

Courses for beginners

If you're a beginner and you'd like to benefit from the excellent teaching and environment at LetThemTalk it's still possible however, you will need to start with private lessons with one of our qualified, experienced – and friendly native English speakers. To find out more about one to one classes click here for our  private English lessons.

Our Centre

You'll find our language school right in the heart of Paris on rue de la Bourse in the 2nd arrondissement.


How to Improve your English

Ok if you come to our lessons it's great but we encourage everybody who attends to continue studying outside the classroom. If you want to make rapid progress you need to do that.

A Strategy Beyond the Classroom

If you want to take your English to the next level you really need to have a strategy. You need to do these four things as often you can: Reading, writing, listening, speaking. For reading it's important to read quality writing in the field that interests you. Some students like to read children's books, but if you're more into news I recommend The Guardian and the NewYorkTimes and the BBC website. The BBC also has a specific website just for language learners BBC Learning English. For listening, we recommend Ted.com here you can find thousands of talks by experts people on subjects that you find interesting. Remember you can switch on the subtitles on Ted.com.

At LetThemTalk you'll get the chance to put practise all the English you learnt in real-life conversations. If you attend regularly you'll notice a rapid improvement

LetThemTalkTV - Free video support for all our classes

As a support to our conversation workshops we offer LetThemTalkTV our Youtube channel



Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with our free videos

where you can improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation by watching our English languages videos. All of our videos are subtitled and they are all free. So head over to youtbe and start watching. YouTube The first one I'd recommend is 21 mistakes French speakers make in English. ».

Get fluent right NOW!

If you follow this strategy: following classes and improving your English outside the class including watching our videos you will make rapid progress.




They Trust Us

Private individuals and companies have been trusting us with their English training in Paris for 10 years. Why not join us today.

CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation)

If you work in France don't forget that you are entitled to A CPF. You've worked for it so do use it. If you choose to use your CPF at LetThemTalk we are here for you. All our lessons are available for the CPF. We'll help you with all the administrative steps. Click here to find out more about the CPF at LetThemTalk.

LetThemTalk has been validated by Data-dock.  Our English courses are eligible for the CPF

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Need to take an English exam?

We do NOT offer exam preparation classes for groups. However, if you wish to take an exam (TOEIC, TOEIC BRIDGE, LINGUASKIL, PIPPLET, BRIGHT) We can organise it for you in Paris. If you need classes to focus precisely on examination training then we offer private lessons for this.

Private lessons via Skype

If you cannot get to Paris for an English lesson then why not learn English via skype. You have the same excellent teaching experience but from the comfort of your own home or office. For more details about English lessons via Skype click here.

Intensive English classes.

You need to improve your English fast for work or for an upcoming trip. And you need and intensive English class in Paris. We can help. We have English conversation workshops Every day of the week and you can come as often as you like. In addition we can do a bespoke package for you with a mix of group classes and private classes based around your availability.

London Big WeekendThe London Big Weekend

Twice a year we organise a weekend trip to London 100% in English. A great weekend where you'll be guided by a Londoner and at the same time intensively learn English. For more information about our London Big Weekend click here. 


entrepriseEnglish lessons for companies in Paris

If your company is within the Paris region  The LetThemTalk method is ideally suited to teaching in companies. So If you require effective and engaging lessons at a reasonable price for the employees in your company then LetThemTalk can offer you what you need. .We can offer  both 1 to 1 classes and group classes in general English or business English for more details about company classes in Paris click here.

Reserving is simple

For our English conversation workshops there is no need to make an appointment to see us before the lesson. Read the information on our website and if you have any questions then write or call us.

It's Easy

When you are ready, use the online reservation form to reserve your first lesson.


Please don't come without an appointment

We'd love to see you at LetThemTalk but please don't come to our address without an appointment. We are a small school and we do not have a permanent office. Also there is a code to enter the building and you can't get in without it. Please ensure you call us or email us first.

Other Services

LetThemTalk also offer a translation service and a CV proofreading service. Contact us for more information.


Free Tea and Coffee

Did I mention that our coffee is really good ?