The English Conversation Workshop  

"I wouldn't say that LetThemTalk is the best English school in Paris but it's in the top 1"

A bit of grammar a lot of conversation

Come and join The English Conversation Workshop in Paris. We run courses at two levels, (lower intermediate and intermediate/advanced) who wish to practise speaking English in Paris. If your not sure of your level check our online English test

The course is 100% spoken, though you may wish to make some notes. What you get is two hours of conversation practice in Paris on a wide range of subjects chosen by you or by the native-English speaking teacher. This is a guided conversation class with a point of grammar. The teacher will correct mistakes, explain whenever necessary and highlight vocabulary and offer some useful English expressions. There are no written exercises and we won't waste your precious time with self-study multimedia (you can do that at home).

A Relaxed Atmosphere

cours d'anglais Paris

We talk about stuff in the news, cultural themes and occasionally more unusual topics. There are no rules what we can and cannot talk about and each course is unique. This is a class for those who seriously want to improve their English but at the same time appreciate a light-hearted approach. The atmosphere is informal and everyone gets a chance to speak. The aim is to improve your spoken English while enjoying the course at the same time.

We realize that people lead busy lives and it's sometimes impossible to keep to the same schedule that's why at LetThemTalk you only pay for the classes you attend. Some participants come only once or twice a week while others attend 7 or 8 times (each course lasts 2 hours).

The classes will on average have between 3 - 7 people so everybody gets a chance to talk. They are guided by a native English speaker. They take place in Paris 75002

Who Are The English Conversation Workhops For?

These courses are aimed at adults learners of English whose level is lower intermediate upwards. In addition we have a business English conversation workshop on Mondays.

Book Early

All our classes are a la carte. You can buy a carnet of credits and you give a ticket at each workshop. You do, however, need to reserve each time because places are limited so hurry, book early!