The Business English Conversation Workshop 

Every Tuesday between 7 and 9pm. Two hours of business English conversation, led by a native English teacher.

So, you want to improve your English for professional reasons, perhaps you work for an international company in Paris, you have clients overseas, you have a job interview in English coming up or you just have an interest in discussing business topics. Whatever the reason join us at the Business English Conversation workshop. A business English lesson with a difference.


What's happening NOW ?

A word of warning. This is NOT your standard business lesson. In this lesson we talk about what's happening today in the world of business and how it affects our everyday lives. Whether it be Brexit, Bitcoin, Driverless cars, the e-economy, doing business in France. We'll talk about it. There are no taboo topics.


We don't follow text books (probably written years ago) We want an engaging, thoughtful discussion on topics that are changing our world right now! Just like in all our lessons there are no written exercises. Our innovative method is based on correction and explanation of key concepts in the context of the conversation.

Interesting Conversations

If you like having interesting discussions on a range of topics. Then this is the lesson for you. Come and discuss the most important events  affecting our lives today and we will guide you to express yourself clearly and effectively in English.

Your Level

This group is reserved for learners with an intermediate and advanced level. However your willingness to engage in a discussion with the group is often more important than your level.

Keep abreast of the business news


If you're interested in joining the discussion we recommend these websites to find our more about.
Business news, Business Insider, The Economist, BBC Business Daily. YouTube is also a great source of inspiration VisualPolitik is a channel we particularly like.

 faire une presentation en anglais

Something practical

In addition to discussing business news we'll also do something practical. Here are some of the topics we've discussed recently


Making presentations
On the telephone
Disagreeing and agreeing in a business context
Job interviews and CVs
Describing your company
Sales and marketing
Talking to clients
Decision making
Computing and IT
Negotiating skills
How to give a presentation
Cultural factors affecting your business
Talking with colleagues

and much more..

It's up to you

We often have requests to tackle a certain business subject (such as how to pass a job interview). Do let us know often we can base the workshop around a subject that interests (on condition that the other participants agree.

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It's interactive

If we are tackling a subject such as negotiation we need to practice it. It's much more effective that way. So be prepared to join in with role plays and giving short presentations. If you don't like that then this workshop is not for you.


What you'll Learn

You'll improve your English expression and learn how to communicate more effectively in the professional sphere. In addition you'll improve your grammar (we always correct mistakes and explain grammar), you will extend your vocabulary and learn useful business idioms.


Think "Out of the Box"

Yes, that's an overused business cliché. Nevertheless we encourage original thinking. If you don't want to learn English as if you were still at school then join us today.


à Rome, fais comme les RomainsA Teacher with Experience in the Business Field

As well as having several years of teaching experience the teacher has worked in various roles in international companies before becoming and English teacher

All our Workshops

If you purchase credit for our English conversation workshops you can use them for any workshop – business English or general English.


All our classes are eligible for the CPF. Get your own quote online or contact us for more information.