Test Your English

Test des acqis début/fin de formation

Test d'anglais. Il faut compter environ 20 minutes pour compléter


Select the correct answer (from a, b, c or d)

1. Look, it______ !
A.  's raining
B.  rains
C.  has rain
D.  rain

2. The mechanic______ two hours.
A. has been working since
B. has been working for

C. is working for
D. had been working since

3. When you______ Sally, tell her the story.
A.  met
B.  will meet
C.  would meet
D.  meet

4. They ______ asked me.
A. would
B. should have to
C. should have
D. should

5. He______ me last week.
A.  phones
B.  phoned
C. has phoned
D. 'd phoned

6. We want ______ at once
A.  that he leaves
B.  leave
C.  he leaves
D.  him to leave

7. Why did your daughter ask______ so many questions?
A. Bob
B. at Bob
C. from Bobr
D. to Bob

8. You had better____ .
A.  stayed
B.  stay
C.  to stay

D.  staying

9. Give him the package before______ .
A.  that she leaves
B.  she will leave
C.  her leaving
D.  she leaves

10. Edith wanted to become______
A.  a doctor
B.  as doctor
C.  into a doctor
D.  doctor

11. He______ a new kitchen built.
A. made
B. had
C. is made
D. has made

12. There is no need for____
A. him to work so much
B. to work so much
C. him such working 
D. his such working

13. Has the bus______ left?
A. early
B. already 
C. soon 
D. yet

14. He is not used to_____cigarettes
A. smoke 
B. smoking 
C. be smoking 
D. having been smoking

15. I worked at the company______ two years.
A. since
B. during
C. for
D. through

16. _____ you are!
A. what luck
B. how lucky
C. such luck
D. so much luck

17. I only need half_____ potatoes.
A. much
B. fewer
C. as many
D. much more

18. Nobody phoned. _____.
A. Did they?
B. Does he?
C. Didn't he?
D. Don't they?

19. He isn't as smart as he_____
A.  used to be
B.  used to
C.  was used to
D.  used

20. We'll take either the car_____ the train.
A.  and
B.  or
C.  either
D.  neither

21. We're looking forward to_____ soon.
A. have to hear
B. hearing from you 
C. be allowed to hear you
D. hear you

22. Can you help me carry this suitcase?
A.  yes, I do
B.  yes, I can
C.  yes, I can do
D.  no, I don't

23. I remember_____ it a long time ago.
A.  that i visit
B.  to visit
C.  of visiting
D.  visiting

24. When_____?
A.  came he
B.  he does come
C.  comes he
D.  did he come

25. It is about time they_____their minds.
A.  make up
B.  made up
C.  have made up
D.  will make up

26. What was he afraid ______?
A. for
B. of
C. with
D. on

27. ____of these two candidates is the best?
A.  Whose
B.  Which
C.  What
D.  Whom

28. They_____ the same car for years.
A. have owned
B. own
C. are owning
D. are owned

29. I'm sorry but you_____smoke here, it's fobidden.
A.  won't
B.  haven't got to
C.  don't have to
D.  mustn't

30. She'd like Harry_____ her..
A. calls
B. to call
C. should call
D. called

31. I'm sorry_____late.
A.  for being
B.  being
C.  to be
D.  for to be

32. He's still a good guitarist_____ he is out of practice.
A.  in spite of
B.  despite
C.  whether
D.  although

33. He'll_____do it.
A.  can to
B.  be able
C.  can
D.  be able to

34. They are____good players.
A.  such
B.  so such
C.  so
D.  what

35. Show this to Darren when you_____ him.
A. see
B. 'll see
C. would see
D. shall see

36. It_____ three days.
A. has been raining for
B. had been raining since
C. is raining for
D. has been raining since

37. He was late because he didn't drive _____
A. enough fast
B. fastly enough

C. fast enough
D. enough speed

38. What _____ last night?
A. have you done
B. do you do
C. have you made
D. did you do

39. Who_____could it be?
A. other
B. else
C. another
D. the other

40. Come and spend the the summer with us! -I'd like _____
A.  to
B.  it
C.  so
D.  I did

41. You______worry, it'll be done.
A.  need not to
B.  do not need
C.  needn't
D.  no need

42. He left our city six months ago and now lives_____.
A.  far southern
B.  further in south
C.  further south
D.  further southern

43. There aren't many common points between_____ policies
A.  either
B.  both
C.  the two
D.  the both

44. Do you remember where_____ ?
A.  lived his family
B.  did live his family
C.  his family lived
D.  did his family live

45. Would they mind_____ a little earlier?
A. to arrive 
B.  arriving
C.  of arriving
D.  arrive

46. There are_____ cars here
A. fewer and fewer
B. least and least
C. lesser and lesser
D. little and little

47. She had never owned a car_____ this before.
A.  as
B.  like
C.  such
D.  so as

48. I_____ coffee left.
A.  have got any
B.  have any
C.  haven't go no
D.  haven't got any

49. Whose book is it? ---it is_____
A. our friend's
B. of our friends
C. to our friends
D. to our friends'

50. I'd like Dave_____ me.
A. to help
B. helps
C. helped
D. should help

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